Complex Rental Rates

Rental rates shown below are for all standard bookings/rentals of the William M Sobey Indoor Sports Complex playing field. This includes use of the field, locker rooms, and access to the public viewing area and canteen/lounge upstairs. **

We can host banquets, meetings, private parties with tables/chairs and limited food facilities. Prices will vary for each event, so for rates for special events, meetings, multi-hour daytime rentals, or any other booking needs, call our facility manager Gary Matheson directly (902-754-0496).

For those looking to book the full complex for a full day, we charge $1200/day + HST for basic rental. If additional services or equipment is needed, we will work with you to determine a cost for those.

Regular hours of operation are currently 9am to 11pm, 7 days a week, but bookings may be accommodated earlier or later.

WINTER RATES (SEPTEMBER 1, 2024 - MAY 15, 2025)

The full turf field area is available for rentals from September to December. Rates for rentals during this period are shown below. 

NOTE: These rates are subject to change/review annually on April 1.
Rates for field rental during this period are shown below:
(Prime time is 4pm to 10pm weekdays and 8am to 10pm weekends; Non-Prime time is 8am to 4pm weekdays and 10pm to midnight every day)

FieldPrime TimeNon-Prime Time
Full Turf Field (210ft x 110 ft - Sept to April)$130 / hr*$100 / hr*
* all rates include HST
If looking for any different type of rental  call us for pricing!

Summer Rates  (MAY 16, 2024- AUGUST 31, 2024)

We currently operate BINGO at the Complex 2 nights a week and typically leave the facility set up for this event all summer long.
Bingo is held 6pm-10pm Mondays and Wednesdays. No other bookings are typically available during these slots, but smaller areas of the field can be booked, and if you are looking for a multi-day special event booking from May to end of September contact us and we can see what may be possible!
While this means a full turf field rental is normally not available for rentals during this period, if a special event that books multiple hours in a day is looking for time, call us and we may be able to accommodate your needs! 
1/3 of the field remains available for booking at times not reserved for Bingo (approx. 75ft x 120ft) for parties or other activities-rates below are for this 1/3 FIELD SECTON ONLY. If you are looking for a party (paintball or inflatables) during these open times give us a call!
NOTE: These rates are subject to change/review annually on April 1.
Rates for rentals during this period are shown below:

TimeDetail1/3 Field Hourly Rate
1/3 Field Rate

8am to 5pm Mon & Wed

8am-11pm Sun,Tue,Thur,Fri,Sat

  $60 (52.17+ $7.83 HST) 


A "Basic" party package is $150.00 ($130.44 + $19.56 HST) and includes 1 hour of field time and 1 hour in the community room/meeting area before or after the field time with tables/chairs for food/cake/drinks/gifts (bring your own). The rate increases to $175 for access to the full field. To see a partial list of Inflatables party options here, or info on Laser tag Parties here.

All fees are charged HST (included in some rates shown above), and are payable to Highland District Soccer Association. Additional charges may apply if staff assistance is required for activity set-up, teardown or activity supervision.