William M. Sobey Indoor Sports Complex

The Highland District Soccer Association, as the governing body for organized soccer in northern Nova Scotia, has undertaken an initiative to establish an indoor sports complex in the region. The primary use of the facility is for the sport of soccer, but
the facility is suitable and available for a broad use of sports and recreational activities.

The William M. Sobey Indoor Sports Complex provides the region with an indoors sports venue that helps citizens adopt a healthy lifestyle through the promotion and involvement in physical activities not normally available in the winter months. The complex is anchored by a 220' x 120' artificial playing surface that can be used not only by the soccer community, but also a variety of other sports and recreation groups.

The specialized natural turf provides multiple sports a new winter home that enables athletes to maintain game sharpness year round.  Sports groups such as football, baseball, tennis, rugby, track and field, and golf can all utilize space for their perspective sports. The facility provides  an excellent environment for senior fitness programs such as walking or lawn bowling. After consultation with other sports groups in the area, the complex was designed to incorporate two international size squash courts, and includes the flexibility for the future addition of a tennis court. This includes separation of such venues to avoid overlap or distraction from each other, while at the same time allowing efficient delivery of multiple sports by sharing core management services within a single complex.

The Highland Indoor Sports Complex is managed by a non-profit society, the Highland District Soccer Association. As a volunteer organization with the mandate to organize and promote sport, health, and fitness through the sport of soccer, the HDSA has chosen to take the lead role in acquiring such a facility for the region.

Highland Sports Complex Schedules-Bookings

NOTE 1:  Four team locker rooms are available (2 on main floor, 2 upstairs).
NOTE 2: No outdoor footwear (including coaching staff) is permitted on the turf. No food or beverages other than WATER is permitted on the turf.
NOTE 3:  Teams MUST remove all bottles and garbage from the team bench area before leaving the field.
NOTE 4: There is a spectator viewing area located upstairs, and there is a limited spectators viewing area along the sideline on the main floor.
NOTE 5: There will always be at least one staff person at the complex, and should anyone need use of a phone, have questions, or need assistance, do not hesitate to ask this person! He/she is typically located in one of the two offices in the main foyer area.
NOTE 6: The PHONE number for the  Highland Sports Complex is 902-752-3793, fax is 902-752-3633, email is manager.sobeysportscomplex@gmail.com.
NOTE 7: This is a Fair Play facility and, as such, any player, coaching staff member, spectator, or other person at the complex will be asked to leave should any game official or staff member feel that they are in violation of Fair Play, or acting in a manner that places other people or the facility itself at risk.
NOTE 8: There may be sections of the complex that are restricted and everyone is expected to remain
out of such areas.

Stellarton Recreation sponsors a free walking program at the complex.  For more information, see the schedule or contact the manager directly.

Take Exit 24 off the Trans Canada Highway 104, turn LEFT on to Foord St. Continue STRAIGHT to the second set of lights (Scotiabank on left, Sobeys ahead on left). Turn RIGHT onto Acadia Ave. Continue up Acadia Ave, abut 1km, past the NS Community College, across rail tracks, and past the V&S Corner Store (on left). Turn LEFT on to the Old Foxbrook Rd., follow to end to William M Sobey Soccer Complex. Follow roadway to the right to the Highland Sports Complex parking lot and

NOTE: The Town of Stellarton has posted brown 'soccer' street signs along Foord St and Acadia Ave to direct you to the Stellarton Soccer
Fields Complex that will help direct you to our site!