If you're looking for something a bit different, check out our Indoor Paintball!

Our field consists of 30 inflatable "speedball" barriers, playing on field turf in a completely netted off area. We use reusable re-ball for gun ammo, so no mess (and much lower cost than playing outdoors where you need to buy your own paintballs). 

An on-field referee is provided to control game play and ensure there's a good mix of beginner to experienced players at any time.

Quick games, lots of fun!

We offer private paintball event bookings for $260/hour ($226.09+ $33.91 HST). This includes use of gun/mask, unlimited re-ball, and gun air tank refills. We recommend at least 8 participants, but we can accommodate up to 18 at one time on the field. (Note: we typically need an hour before and after to set up/knock down the field, so we try to book these events on Fridays around our regular drop-in paintball activity or any time on Saturdays. We recommend you give us a call at 902-754-0496 to help you work out a booking time. 

If you are a new player, you must fill out a waiver.

  • Adult waiver (see complex manager)
  • Parental waiver for child (see complex manager)