Highland Squash at WM Sobey Indoor Sports Complex

Resumption of Play Guidelines-Policies

There are a number of strict guidelines and conditions that must be followed at all times as outlined below, as well as the guidelines from Squash NS. These will be posted in the complex as well as available here.

1.At this time play will be restricted to solo practice or practice/matches with people in the same household and in the other household they are bubbling with. This equates to Phase 2 of the Squash NS organizational guidelines. 

2. Members should be aware of the impact of non-compliance with fines of up to $1000 for individuals and $7500 for businesses being levied for each COVID-19 incident. 

3. Access is limited MEMBERS ONLY. No guests are permitted at this time.

4. Members should use the online Skedda booking site (https://highlandsquashclub.skedda.com/booking) to ensure they are not in conflict with other members for any booking.

5. Members must sign in every time they use the facility for potential contact tracing. A sign up sheet will be available on the table inside the facility. Sign up includes your name and a phone number where you can be reached.

6. Members are NOT to use the change rooms for changing, showering, water, or washrooms. You must come prepared to play and are only permitted to change footwear upon arrival and you must bring (and take away) your own water/drinks.

7. The only available washroom is the 'public' washroom next to the entryway. This washroom will only be cleaned on a daily basis, so members should use every precaution when using the washroom including washing hands thoroughly, using available hand sanitizer, and spraying available disinfect if you feel the need.

8. Access to the courts will only be through the Squash entry area using your door key FOB. Members always be careful to maintain social distancing of 6 ft. at all times when in the vicinity of any persons outside their household.  For the purposes of meeting guidelines for no social distancing, all club members shall be considered as a group of 10 or less since there will never be more than 10 members present at any time.

Washrooms and all touch surfaces (excluding squash court floors/walls) will be disinfected/cleaned on a daily basis. Sanitizer and washroom disinfect will be re-filled as necessary.